Log Cabins Pictures

If you want to check out many beautiful log cabins pictures, check out Timber Block Log Home’s website. Most people who are looking to build a new home, (especially a new log home) want to see pictures. I found the best log cabins pictures came from timberblock.com. Timber Block Log Homes have a variety of stock plans you can look through, but best of all, they also build complete custom homes, or partially customized homes from their stock plans.

The result is a variety of log cabins pictures! You can sort through log cabins pictures of homes that are smaller (1000-1500 square feet) to larger homes up to 4000-5000 square feet! Plus, Timber Block has many interior photos as well, which will help give you an idea of what other people have done with their log home! Timber Block also has four different series of homes  - from the Classic Series – which is more «a classic log home look» where you see many windows, a loft, and plenty of beautiful wood!

log home classic picture

Timberblock.com also has log cabins pictures that are in the Ranch Series – most of these are one level, perfect for cabin or country living! Timber Block also features a Contemporary Series – which still has the beautiful warmth that only wood can do, but mixed in with a more modern residential design (like open spaces, clean lines, flatter roof, etc).

log home ranch picture

log home picture

The Vintage Series is absolutely luxurious. It is a mix of classic architecture, with a more timeless design, but again, but with the warmth of wood. And because Timber Block can do partial or full custom, you can mix it up! I’ve noticed many log cabins pictures posted on their site start with a floor plan from Timber Block’s classic series, but then have modernized it on the interior. Some people have added drywall, and more of a modern design on the inside, and then decorated it with contemporary-style furniture, and so on.

log home vintage picture

It’s an added bonus when you can work with a company that can pretty much make any log home dream come true! Timber Block’s website is the perfect place to go to see the most beautiful log cabins pictures!